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We are sorry but we are updating the site.    We will have it ready ASAP
We will no longer have our  "Components" section with the basic everyday "components" available for download on this site, instead we will be offering the "Ingredients" to bake into your project through our new online magazine "GOSSIP" .

However, should you need something particular in the meantime, "GET IN TOUCH" and we will see if we can help.

Our New Online Magazine  GOSSIP

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TThank you for your interest in registering for our online magazine "GOSSIP" a new idea for us, containing news, views, and Gossip, along with some useful articles about web-designing, ideas, & lots of other information. There will be a section on freebies available as well as our "Ingredients to bake into your project. We hope it will be entertaining as well as informative. It's not ready yet but you can register now (it's free, & you can un-register anytime). You might even wish to contribute an article or two, who knows?
just send us an email & we will let you know when it's ready. Thanks again
Wayan & Lina.