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Wayan Jaya

Website Design & Development

Wayan has been involved with Art & Design for what seems like the beginning of time. A natural step for him also in the early days was to enter into the new kid on the block the World Wide Web better known as "The Internet" by developing an interest in websites, using his talents for design along with his newfound knowledge for developing websites so started a journey, that continues to this day.

Site Designer V4 the difference

A message from Wayan about Site Designer
In my opinion Site Designer is one of the best applications OF IT'S KIND available.
It is a powerful versatile tool for any website design and development project, combining both disciplines into one application, more advanced than "WYSIWYG" allowing the "Visual" aspect to be seen as it happens, and taking care of the "Development" aspect (HTML, CSS, JS) as you tell it what it is you want it to do for you. You can even add your own custom code etc should you need to,

it isn't really for the beginner, be it for making a single one off-website, or entering into the business world of starting a new web design & development venture. It has a big learning curve even for the experienced, which can, in the beginning, seem overwhelming, but with patience, practice & help this can soon be overcome resulting in the ability to produce outstanding responsive memorable websites. 

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