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Welcome to the creative world of Mawar Putih
website design & development studio

Mawar Putih is the Indonesian word for
"White Rose" the adopted flower and symbol for the county of Yorkshire in England which is the birthplace of Wayan.
Mawar Putih is based in Malang East Java with a branch office in Bali

Responsive Website Designs
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 Wayan Jaya is Mawar Putih design studio

Wayan Specialising in individual website designs, "how to" video tutorials, help, advice and articles, he has created stunningly awesome websites for people all over the world and has built a highly regarded reputation amongst discerning clients for designing & building websites that brings ideas to life.

Website Design & Development

Wayan Works With Stie Designer v4  "foundation framework" The Responsive Website Design App From CoffeeCup Software 

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Wayan has been designing & developing awesome websites for people all over the world ever since time began. A trained proffesional artist, qualified designer, with both front & end website development experience. He can work together with you on your idea, or set him free to create a stunning website for you to launch onto the responsive universe of the WWW.  
Welcome to the Creative World Of Wayan

Updating Websites


Has your website grown cobwebs? Not functioning the way it's supposed to, losing clients and perhaps not mobile frienly? Do you indeed like your website anymore? Does it stand out from the crowd? If the answer to any of those was NO Then it is probably time to consider an update. Let's see if we can help you get that website back on track.

Site & Search Engine Optimisation

site optimisation

These two diciplines although separate for the online sucess of a website do have a some crossover actions and are an intgeral part of taking the "Design" and presenting it in a meaningful way not only for your visitors visual experience, optimal browser performance (site optimisation) and optimal website discovery (Search Engines Results Pages).

Wayan's Video Tutorials

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Watch Listen & Learn With Wayan are a great way to get some insight into the workings of Site Designer V4, finding out "How To" do specific things to follow along with, or even request an individual video for a specific requirement, even request a series of videos for a full blown website build  from start to finish.

Themes & Templates

themes and templates

Themes are different to Templates in so much as:
Themes are full on designs with images, content, animations etc, showing recommended sizes, widths, heights etc,  and are easily customised.    
Templates are simply basic layouts with not much styling.  
Both come with some basic information for the Themes or Templates ~ help & support plans are also available. 

Articles News & Gossip

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