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Wayan Jaya

 Why You Should Update Your Website 

First of all ask yourself
{ Q 1 } Is The HTML markup code HTML5
{ A1 }  "No"  - Then there is no doubt that your siye really needs a facelift
{ A2 } "Yes" - Then move on to Q2

{ Q 2 } Is it more than 2 years old?
{A1 } "Yes" then it should really be time to consider an update ASAP
{A2 } "No" Then move on yo Q3

{ Q 3 } Is it responsive for mobile devices? ("two finger" zooming not required to read text view images etc) 
{A1 } "NO" then the simple fact of the matter is  you really need to update it ASAP.
{A2} "Yes" then continue reading to see if there are other reasons for an update

There are other reasons also, but just either of those two should be enough to set the wheels in motion.